Earn Money by selling domains

This is one of the best methods to earn a huge amount of money within a limited time. This is not a new method. This method is used by millions of users, so there is a huge competition in this niche.

Let’s discuss it.

Let us learn first, what is the meaning of domain flipping is whenever you buy a domain at cheap rate or in a normal rate and when you sell it in a very high price range, and even a commission in that, this is called as domain flipping.

Now there are various tricks which will be mentioned here, by using those tricks you can easily sell your domain in a very less time.

1st Step – do some research about the topics which are trending and which you think will be more famous and trending in the recent future. After you have done the research, just go to the websites that provides domain, (Godaddy, Hostgator, namecheap,etc)register on the website and search for the domains. 95 percentage of time you will find that the good domains are already taken by the sellers hence, now comes the second step.

2nd step – Now to get the best Domain end the available ones, you need to go and browse the website such as expiredomains.net and other websites that tells us the Data of millions of domains that will be expiring within a limited time frame.

Why should we use a expert domain instead of a new domain? It’s because the expired domains are very high demanding end if you got a very nice expired Domain, it has a high chance of ranking in Google and has thousands of back links hence, the demand of your domain will be high and hence the price will be higher in the auction for your domain.

3rd Step – Now that you have A better domain whether it is expired type or a fresh one and Based on new Your research it is high demanded as well. Now it’s time to auction on your domain in various websites where people buy your domain.

4th step – Now, You need to be an auction member to auction Your domain in various platform. Platforms such as godaddy takes a little fee for auction in your domain. Also you can pay a little high money to get your domain in the top of the auction so that it will have a high chance to get sold very fast.

Frequently asked questions !
1. What is Domain flipping?

It is a way in which you earn money or commission by simply buying a domain and selling the domain at a higher price than your buying price.

2. Do I need to invest money to earn money here?

Yes, this is a way to earn money, but the earnings here are very much higher than what you will be investing. You will have to buy a domain and also spend money to become a auction member.

3. What happens if my domain does not get sold?

Well, you can say that it’s a loss for you, but you won’t be getting a refund for what you have paid to auction your domain. Hence, you need to do thorough and doable research before investing in a domain.

4. What are the various time frames in which domains are sold in the auction?

There will be a definite time for you and your domain that is hosted in the auction. This totally depends on the subscription you have taken for the auction, normally it’s a one-year timeframe you will get to sell your domain.

5. Does my domain should be having a website or is it necessary to have a website in my domain name?

No, it’s not necessary that you need to have a website in the name of your domain or you don’t have to have a hosting for your domain. you just have to have your domain purchased.

6. Should I have to pay tax for the domains I have sold in the auction?

Yes, there is a tax that is deducted from your balance that you have earned via selling your domain. The tax totally depends on the amount that you have sold in the auction.

7. Is domain flipping a good carrier option?

If you are thinking of this as a full-time job then you need to be pretty serious about the domains you’re buying. Also, you need to have funds to BUY domains. Yes, this is a very good passive income and people should treat this as a passive way to earn money online.

8. can I sell my domain which I have purchased within 24 hours?

Yes, you can sell your domain within one hour of your auction on the website. Hence, after you have registered your domain name on any website, it will be under your name and hence, you can have full liberty to do whatever you want with your domain.earn money by flipping domains

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